What We Do


We see investment policy as a cornerstone of effective investment management and successful relationships with fund managers. We work together with our clients to establish their aspirations and requirements for their investments.

We help our clients to align their investment objectives with their broader strategies, considering both financial requirements, as well as social responsibility and impact.

We advise our clients on investment horizon, risk and return profile, strategic asset allocation and setting benchmarks for performance monitoring.

We understand the different challenges posed by using a total return approach or by simply replying on income and can work with clients to develop customised risk measures which are most appropriate for their individual situation. We can also assist in arranging the measurement of the carbon footprint of portfolios by third party specialists. We believe this capability has developed tremendously in the last few years as companies have included progressively more detailed information in their annual reports.


Where trustees/investment committees come to a decision to change their fund managers, we assist them in finding an appropriate replacement. We can offer a wide range of solutions depending on our clients’ specific needs, ranging from finding one multi-asset balanced manager to a more specialist structure. This could, for example, involve selecting managers with committed focus on sustainable and impact investing across different asset classes.

We create a recommended list of potential managers based on our research and our client’s preferences. We work with the trustees/ investment committees to develop a request for proposal (RFP) which addresses a charity’s specific investment goals.

We then interview the managers on behalf of our clients, provide our summary report and co-ordinate the selection process.


We enable our charities to monitor their investment management arrangements and conduct regular reviews of their fund managers’ service, investment performance and compliance with sustainable investment strategies. We provide consolidated reporting where portfolios are managed by more than one fund manager.

We perform a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis of charity portfolios and fund manager arrangements. We focus on investment returns, risks, manager service and fees to ensure that our clients have the greatest opportunity to achieve the best performance from their fund managers. We also offer services of portfolio and fund managers reviews from a sustainable investment viewpoint.

We interview fund managers on behalf of our clients and provide a full assessment report, either on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis.

We identify and discuss areas of concern with the trustees and endeavour to rectify these areas by meeting the managers on our clients’ behalf.

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