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Best Practice for Charity Investment Policies

Regulation, investment markets, risks and requirements for Charity Trustees have all evolved rapidly in recent years.

In November 2022 PMCL and Blackrock brought together an expert panel to discuss these challenges and set out how Trustees might best address them.

We hope that this summary of the event will be a useful guide and training resource for Clients, Trustees and their advisors.

Introduced by Ed Jewson of PMCL Consulting and Hosted by Robert Hayes of BlackRock the panel consisted of:

  • Tatyana Mursalimov – Director and senior consultant at PMCL and advisor to many charities on questions of investment policy

  • Paddy Zervudachi – Director of Finance for Buttle Trust the specialist children’s charity

  • Yasmin Meissner - co-Head of Sustainable Investing for the BlackRock Multi-Asset Strategies and Solutions team

The discussion has been summarised into the following four sections:

  1. Drafting an Investment Policy Statement

  2. The outlook for risk and returns

  3. Setting objectives

  4. Aligning with purpose and responsible investment

Click here to read the full document.

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